New paper published on Hierarchical Task Analysis

Karen Hughes Miller, Erica Sutton, and George Pantalos published a paper in the journal Surgical Innovation with the title ‘Hierarchical Task Analysis Reimagined as a Planning Tool for Surgery During Exploration Space Flight’. Find the abstract and paper HERE.

SSA scrub caps

Space Surgery Association scrub caps can be purchased HERE! Caps are $28 each, with a $3 kickback per cap to SSA.

Review of Space Surgery published

Siddharth Rajput from Sydney, Australia, has published a review paper on the topic of Space Surgery in the journal “Acta Astronautica”. Congratulations! Find the paper HERE. This is a great overview of what matters from a surgical perspective when planning long-term spaceflight.

Space Surgery talk at COSPAR

Dr Siddharth Rajput from Sydney, Australia is going to give a talk on space surgery at the 43rd COSPAR scientific assembly in Sydney Jan 31st to 4th Feb 2021 on “Challenges of providing surgical care in Space” followed by Q & A. Find a link to the scientific program HERE.

New book – The Spacefarer’s Handbook

Springer has published a new book for those who can’t wait to get to space – The Spacefarer’s Handbook – Science and Life beyond Earth by Bergita and Urs Ganse is an interesting read written for laypersons and full of facts and anecdotes.

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