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The Space Surgery Association (SSA) is an international group of surgeons, procedural medicine physicians and specialists, scientists, and engineers working jointly to develop capabilities to perform surgery in the spaceflight environment. We are an affiliate organization of AsMA, the Aerospace Medical Association.

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Astronaut and surgeon Dr Story Musgrave repaired the Hubble Space Telescope on STS-61 in 1993

Dr Story Musgrave – a surgeon in space

In 1993, US-American surgeon Dr Story Musgrave repaired the Hubble Space Telescope while attached to the Canadarm of Space Shuttle Endeavour. Apart from this surgical masterpiece, no real surgery on a human has ever been done on spaceflight, be it in a spaceship or on board a space station. Return from Low Earth Orbit has always been possible within a few hours in case of human emergencies requiring surgery. On future long-term missions, however, quick return to Earth will be impossible, so surgical capabilities need to be developed.

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